You’re an entrepreneur at heart, and you know it.

You`re often dreaming about taking a leap of faith and start your own business but there’s something that’s holding you back: 

It’s your lack of self confidence and self-worth. You fear you won’t succeed. 

And something else, too: embarrassment of putting yourself out there. 

Clearly, the fear of failure is tight around your neck.

Your normal 9-5 job isn’t making it any easier on you either, suffocating you with all its demands, responsibilities and chores, leaving you all the more frustrated, stressed and worried about your finances and the never-ending monetary scenario you find yourself in:

There’s Never Enough Money (for you and all the things you want to do)

You’re sick of it. You’re tired of fighting this war with the lack of money in your life.

But you keep going to this soul-sucking job for bills need to be paid.

And all this to what price?

You’re ignoring the dream-life that your soul is nudging you about, the life where you…

❤️️Get up every day and do

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exactly what you want to do while providing for yourself and your family in a way that makes you feel great and fulfills your sense of being

❤️️Have your profitable online business so that you earn your own money, Get Paid What You’re Worth, have a flourishing passive income & unshakable financial security 

❤️️Posses complete control over how you work so that you get to create your own schedule, spend quality time with your family – near or far, be with your kids & travel 

❤️️ Have a mentor that will guide you step by step so that you grow a profitable business – FASTER & EASIER 

❤️️Make a high-impact contribution and difference in the world  so that you have a sense of meaning, fulfillment and substance in your life 

 ❤️️Build a community that has your back every step on the way so that you become the successful and thriving person you feel you’re destined to be

This is what you want, and you’re 100% sure of it. 

And you know you can create your own reality – that much is clear – for you`ve often heard Louise Hay (rest in peace), Marianne Williamson or Lisa Nichols say this, while you were listening to their podcasts, in the evening, with a glass of wine.

So if all this is true for you, there’s only one question that remains:

How can you make this happen? 

How can you live this

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life where you’re calling the shots, having the (abundant) financial resources and time to do what you want – from all points of view?

For this, I am here, lady. Let’s talk.

I`ve been where you are, so believe me,  I know how it feels. 

And I offer myself to be your guide in this journey so that you start living the Freedom-Based Lifestyle, that life where you make your own money; you vibrate a sexy, healthy and confident energy; you enjoy a life of abundance and get paid what You’re Worth.

It all starts NOW.

Many Blessings,


“After meeting Tracy my net-worth has skyrocketed, her contacts and support gave me the insight on money outside of the typical financial advisor world.” 

T Melton