Your Perfect Life.

Let’s do a little imagination game. 

Imagine if you could live your much desired Freedom-Based Lifestyle. That life where you…

❤️️Get up every day and do exactly what you want to do while providing for yourself and your family in a way that makes you feel great and fulfills your sense of being


❤️️Have your profitable online business so that you earn your own money, Get Paid What You’re Worth, have a flourishing passive income & unshakable financial security 


❤️️Posses complete control over how you work so that you get to create your own schedule, spend quality time with your family – near or far, be with your kids & travel 


❤️️Have a mentor that will guide you step by step so that you build a profitable business – FASTER & EASIER 


❤️️Make a high-impact contribution and difference in the world  so that you have a sense of meaning, fulfillment and substance in your life

❤️️Have a community that has your back every step on the way so that you become the successful and thriving person you feel you’re destined to be.

Imagine if you didn’t have to experience that bothering lack of self-confidence and worth. Wouldn’t this give you instant gratification to the lifestyle you’re dreaming about for yourself? 

Imagine how great life would be when money won’t be a problem for you anymore, and you’re living Life On Your Own Terms.

Hi there, amazing lady. I am Tracy.

And I will help you get to that point where all this won’t be just a dream or product of your imagination but Your Actual Life.

Together we can make it happen.

I know how it feels for I’ve been there myself, many years ago. 

I was the first child to go to university and get a degree in interior design. I loved the arts but soon the travel bug kicked in and I took a gap year out of uni and met my ure American husband.

Being a British expat, I much later had children, a mother of two with a traveling working husband. I practiced interior design for a firm as a certified California Interior designer, Leadership in Energy and Environmental design, Healthy home advocate. 

Health has always been important to me as the lack of it is my biggest fear (my father was out of work due to health issues and my parents did the best they could yet we did not have much) and coming from a socialized medicine where healthcare is free to a system where you pay and can create  crippling debt in the US. So using the essential oils to boost my health was the best solution.

The desire to earn my own money was so strong that I did so much without getting paid! 

Through self-education, self help/awareness, real estate knowledge, exercise, yoga and meditation along with my children, two dogs and husband, Ive managed to turn this around. 

Bringing in additional money from different sources has been my number #1 focus for I wanted to build and protect my life and my passions by changing my life into a corporation – with or without losing my W2 job, only complementing it! Adds a rich variety of abundance that we are surrounded by and living each day one step closer to my dream of sustainable world, layered with active + pactive (blend) + passive income streams.  

I’ve worked for money since I was 8 years old. Even when I lost my job in 2008, due to the great recession, my design clients wanted me to continue working for them so I became self employed not knowing what it meant to be an entrepreneur. 

I started this business because I wanted to see my family more and have my children around my other family members. I also wanted to achieve my version of financial freedom where I have solid financial resources that would give me the freedom, independence and availability to live a fun, joyous & adventurous life. 

This business model was a perfect fit for me and I never regretted for saying yes to it.

My artistic background wasn’t an obstacle when I decided to invest time to learn real estate education.

This changed everything and I knew it`ll be only up for me from that moment onwards. 

I became a savvy & skilful  business owner and learned leverage and passive income strategies that I continue to use today to amplify my financial freedom and resources. 

It’s not been easy, that much is clear. There have been many ups and downs for me, pretty much like a roller-coaster where I never knew what the next moment will bring me. All this while raising two kids, too, and a husband who was away with work half of the time. 

But the desire to live life on my own terms – in all senses of the word –  was very strong. 

I wanted to design and live the good life – with new friendships happening easily; communities and support systems; financial empowerment & control; growth and understanding. 

And I did it. And I’m now supporting & helping other female entrepreneurs to do the same as I believe in the power of social sharing and uplifting each other. We`re in this together, this is what most people don’t realize – yet. And by becoming a person fully in charge of her financial reality and destiny; by creating self-sustaining, autonomous business owners and philanthropists too, this creates a global ripple effect for G?nstig! hausarbeit-ghostwriter.de environmental healing, political healing, social and emotional healing.

The world needs You!

And in order to be your highest version and and contribute to other people & to the planet, you first need to fill up your own cup – and this starts with a solid financial stability.

I know & understand your needs and wants, lady. Trying to create your freedom-based lifestyle by yourself is also an option, but it`ll be harder and will require a lot more time. 

So why choose the hard way when an easier one is available for you?


Let’s do this together.


Many blessings,


“I Love wine!  Sharing to get free wine – this was a no-brainer for me”

 Loral L. Business coach and Mentor