You may feel that you’re resonating with me, after having read all this info on my website. And yet, it’s there, isn’t it? 

You may have not used words, but your mind said it for you. 

You’re wondering why me, aren’t you?

Why me and not somebody else? What sets me apart from all the other entrepreneurs that are doing & offering the same services like I do?

It’s all right. I would be asking the same question if I were you. Actually, it would intrigue me if you hadn’t asked it. 

Therefore, allow me to answer in the best way I can.

It’s because I understand YOU, lady.

I understand that you feel your entrepreneurial heart nudging you for more even though you’re caged in a 9 to 5 job. 

I understand that your desire to break through the financial ceiling that is currently keeping you small is so strong that it can make

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the sun rise from the Western part of the world if need be.

I understand that you’re frustrated, angry and annoyed because of the financial limitations and how it drives you mad the fact that you cant do all the things you want.

I understand that self-confidence isn’t your biggest asset; that you fear to fail and you are embarrassed to put yourself out there. 

I know. It completely demotivates you to stay and be the same, with no challenges or opportunities.  BUT at the same time, you don’t think you are enough, so you play small and make excuses.

And… I also know that you crave FREEDOM, and that your most satisfying success means to be financially secure and relaxed; freedom of choice, freedom to travel the world with your family and give to charitable causes you believe in; to pursue activities of interest for you: drawing, creating art, continuing passions from childhood, seeking out visual simulation, learning new things, meeting new people, going to events, fundraisers, hanging out with friends.

You’re often dreaming how an additional income would be just the right solution for you, giving you the access to do all the things you want.

I understand all this and so much more because I`ve been there, too.

I was the first child to go to university and get a degree in interior design. 

I loved the arts but soon the travel bug kicked in. I wanted to create my own version of financial freedom, so bringing in additional money from different sources has been my number 1 focus. I wanted to build and protect my life and my passions by changing my life into a corporation – with or without losing my W2 job – living each day one step closer to my dream of sustainable world, layered with active + pactive (blend) + passive income streams.  

I’ve always been free at heart – that nature loving, travel lover, mother of two and female business owner type of woman. A woman who also has a fair amount of knowledge and experience as a commercial designer, property owner and landlady, real estate investor, network marketer, sustainable health and wellness advocate, cradle to cradle adapter. All this while continuously seeking ways to change the landscape to a better holistic approach to mother nature – technical circle and manmade circle of life, within this new sharing worldwide community. 

This business is my baby and I wish it to grow with me for the next 20+ years, possible give to my children as a legacy, mostly as a Thank you to mother nature for my daily inspiration and use my work to protect natural environments- interior and exterior. This is my mission.

I want to help co-create a world in which women are no longer suppressed financially, feeling as if it’s some kind of a duty of theirs to keep it low and not have the financial self-expression to live their lives as they wish. I want a world in which women are financially educated, and they are smart about their money, earning the $$$ for themselves and their families; a world where women have solid self-confidence and they vibrate that sexy, healthy, confidant body – mind – spirit energy.

What would you do, lady, and how would you spend your days if you knew you had the financial freedom to support that? If you had the profitable online business that you want, earning for yourself WHILE being FREE to travel & visit any corner of this beautiful world, how would this change your situation? Would it make you happy?

If you feel it inside of you, it’s true. And if you feel it inside, it just has to manifest itself on the outside, too. Together we can make it happen and I’d be happy to be your guide in this transformative journey.

Listen to what your heart is whispering to you.

Many Blessings,